26 agosto, 2015

Good HTML titles boost by 24% e-commerce sales

Having analized data of 35 merchants about their online sales generated by SERP, it's clear that items with good titles sell 24% more than the others.
For my analysis, I considered 37.915 online orders (only those ones generated byGoogle's Search Engine Results Pages).
Looking backward I found that only 21.56% of the total product list had a good title when it was sold.
By the way this subset of products represents the 26.79% of the sales (in terms of number of items sold). Indeed they represent the 25.44% of sales in value. 
Therefore products with suitable HTML titles see a 24,8% boost in sales originated by Organic Search Results.
In order to give credibility to my research, I considered that title is just an element of SEO and many other things might affect my metrics. 
For this reason I had to exclude the role of product descriptions (copywriting) in this sale boost. Therefore I used a text analysis algorithm I developed myself at Haitex in order to evaluate the Copywriting Quality (CQ) of item descriptions. Then I left out all items having a CQ value greater or less than the 20% of the average estimated CQ value.
What a HTML Title is
The title is that string that is usually displayed in bold within Search Engine Results Pages. The same text is used "someway" by search engines to estimate the relevance rate of your pages and their ranking.
Why it is so important
Title Optimization is a trick that belongs to SEO (Search Engine Optimization),Copywriting and Inbound Marketing. It's important because it can raise the position of your pages up within SERP indexes.
Sponsored links do not affect SERP; therefore if you improve your copywriting, you really get a chance to compete. Your advertising budget will not be affecting the organic searches at all. 
To better understand why good titles and contents are so important, consider this supposition: would you be using Google anymore  if it will be showing only a list of sponsored links instead of the best results that match and fit your needs? Nope, I guess.
Here the reason why data quality affects ranking and why a good title can attract more visitors and generate more leads and sales thanks to the organic searches. Furthermore you can attract more prospects by INBOUND MARKETING without allocating an extra budget for paid adv campaign.
This sounds twice like a big deal for your revenues.
How to improve your titlesYou can find thousands of pages talking about HTML Title Optimization. Honestly I'm not reinventing the wheel. So just take this brief list of properties as a quick reminder. 
A good title should be:
  • shorter than 55 chars
  • less then 5/7 words
  • optimized for users first, and then for crawlers
  • having no useless or forbidden keywords
  • relevant
  • containing no duplicated words
  • written in a natural language
  • unique


Even if almost everybody knows the importance of the title and the guidelines for its optimization, almost nobody believes in its potential. 
Knowing how to optimize HTML titles  is something. Doing it makes the difference.
When merchants deal with thousands of products and a big inventory turnover, any good intention is thwarted by common daily difficulties and inattention. Time is always limited and retailers usually prefer to be focused on something easier to make their business grow.
For this reason we at Haitex have developed an Assessment Tool that allows merchants to control the quality of their product titles real time.
They can also use this tool for a quick optimization, thanks to the AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the NLP (Natural Language Processing)algorithms that provide title's automatic summarization and keyword rearrangement.
Thanks to our tool, retailers can fix more than thousands of titles within a few hours; they can monitor our metrics and easily control the impact of their actions in terms of sales.
If you are interested to improve the productivity of your e-commerce, give me a call for a free consultation!
Giovanni Gasparri
E-Commerce Analyst @ Haitex
North America: (+1) 437-889-7787Europe: (+39) 348-7066905Twitter: @giohaitex

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